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The most exciting part of Munyagwa is not only the opportunity to build a cutting edge fashion brand out of Grand Rapids, but also the opportunity to create without limits. We create our own patterns, we source our own fabrics, and we create clothing without design boundaries or roadblocks. Working with talented local seamstresses to put together our creations is a huge benefit when it comes to the quality of our construction. Grand Rapids is an unnoticed city on the fashion radar, and we know we can put it on the map.


Not only do we intend to create clothing ethically right here in the Midwest, but we also intend to take our manufacturing to Kampala, Uganda. By taking part of the manufacturing to Uganda, we can assist in creating jobs. This will ultimately benefit communities and the economy of Uganda. With fair and ethical pay, we will ensure that designers, seamstresses, and cutters receive livable wages abroad and stateside.

What I Will Do With $5,000

We will use the grant to fund sample making for our upcoming fall 2017 release, sample making for the 2018 spring and summer collection, and our fall 2018 samples and patterns. The pattern and sample making process is our largest expense. This grant will put us in a better position to reach our goal of wholesaling to stores that have approached us. The grant money will give us the ability to produce full samples for the season we are creating and then present it to stores. Eg: Slate

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About Parker Munyagwa

I am a creative and I believe in the power of self expression. I was born in Kampala, Uganda and moved to Grand Rapids Michigan when I was nine. Growing up I've always had an interest in art, fashion and design. I Believe in the importance of self discovery and individuality, my vision and belief is that life is a constant journey of inventing one’s self uniquely in all aspects. I believe in style, expression, originality, and being being well dressed.

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