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Typically, when we listen to music, we are provided with dynamic controllers for the volume, panning, and equalization. But the ability to choose which sound we want to isolate is privy only to recording engineers. This function allows engineers to focus on the sound of a particular track. And once he/she is happy with the sound, tracks are recorded together in a final stereo mix. But no longer will recording engineers be the only ones with this ability to mute and solo tracks of a song.

I am bringing this functionality to the billions of people who listens to music everyday. Image being able to mute the vocal track of a song to sing along with the instrumentation playing without hearing the recorded vocals. Then with a click of a mouse, reintroduce the original track. Or solo the bass guitar so you can hear exactly what the bass player is doing while cancelling out everything else. No website/app or music streaming offers this capability to the masses.


Instead of uploading a single mp3 file for digital distributors, musicians would upload individual, or groups, of tracks. My custom made audio player plays each track simultaneously. Thus giving listeners an experience like they never have before. I asked over 100 in a survey, “If a feature was available that would allow you to solo/isolate an instrument, or vocal part, while listening to music, would you use it?”. Eighty-six percent answered YES.

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What I Will Do With $5,000

Now that the website is fully operational, we want to build apps for the IOS and Android platforms, and make them available to musicians, music producers, record companies, in Michigan, Spring 2019. Once their music is uploaded, some of the $5,000 will go toward promoting the site. But I am confident that word of mouth will be the biggest promotional tool for me.

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I’m a musicians, music producer, and sound engineer. I wasn't able to update my idea to include a demo video of the app. So here it is.

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