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New Machines For New Repairs

New Machines For New Repairs

David Peña Jr. 220 Views

The best detail of this idea is to try to convince more people to repair their shoes and boots instead of throwing them away and spending more money on new ones. With new machines, people would not just spend less money In repairing their shoes and boots, but people would also help the shoe repair business to move forward with their jobs. 15 Years ago there were 60,000 shoe repair businesses, today there are only 7,000 shoe repairs across the United States, and the sad thing Is that many shoe Repair Businesses don’t have new machines to keep working. With new machines shoe repair shops could fix more shoes and have the ability to do more new repairs. Already many machines that shoe repair businesses have, can’t do the same jobs as a new machine does. With new machines people would not only Be repairing there shoes, but they would be helping the shoe repair businesses to stay in business.


More shoe repairs across the United States and more jobs!

What I Will Do With $5,000

Buy new machines for my family-owned business, and stay in business for many many years.

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