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No-Spill Beer Pong Cups

No-Spill Beer Pong Cups

Troy Albrecht 1036 Views

No-Spill Beer Pong Cups are simple, relevant, and the next step for the famous game of Beer Pong. Originally, the cups were filled with beer. When everyone realized this was gross (due to contaminants getting in the beer from the ping pong ball) the game switched to using water and keeping their beers on the side. Now, No-Spills will even replace the need for water by utilizing a set of 22 cups with a soft, bounce-resistant, nontoxic silicone already pre-inserted into the bottom of the cups. No-Spills still have the same weight, size, tipping point, bounce resistance, and other specifications of Solo cups at the standard regulations but have no liquids inside. Though regular red cups will still be a competitor, No-Spills are the new alternative for those who want to keep the game clean with the same look. The next steps to No-Spills release are locking in a domestic supplier of silicone, and launching the product online ( and in retail stores such as Big 10 and QD.


The most prominent group to benefits from No-Spills are college party-goers and hosts. It allows people to play the famous Beer Pong game but eliminates the inevitable messes created by the game. Fraternity parties have stopped having the games due to the quick messes made and No-Spills would allow them to bring the game back. Tailgaters, campers, and anyone who does not have access to water to fill the cups are able to easily set them up anywhere they go.

What I Will Do With $5,000

Locking in a rubber supplier requires minimum orders of materials. With the grant my company will be able to bring down the prices of the prototype’s current material providers significantly creating a higher profit margin that will allow the launch of the product on the market starting with providing free marketing No-Spill sets to fraternities and large houses across Michigan colleges. The money will also be put towards introduction to retail and development of delivery and invoicing processes

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Currently, I am attending my junior year at Michigan State University as a Business Management Major with an Entrepreneurship Minor. When I am on breaks from Michigan State University I work various business internships so far consisting of: Two years as a GWC Insurance Representative at Action Benefits and a Life Insurance Data Processor at Mitec Solutions. I enjoy to always stay busy, whether I am canoeing, running, exploring, travelling, or working hard; I always put in my full energy.

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