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Noble Strong Novice Training

Noble Strong Novice Training

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I haven’t seen a quality training Novice program in West Michigan. No one wants to deal with beginners. It is essential that children start learning young because sports are so competitive now. I have four 11 year olds that I have been training since they were five. They all are really good students and awesome basketball ball players. All four have been asked to play for the Under Armor Team. Automatic ranking at the age of 11 put them on track to earn a college scholarship. My goal is to do that on a larger scale. One of the biggest luxuries of those four young boys are I often take them to camps with me and allow them to demonstrate drills and also train other athletes. The biggest purchase would be quality novice basketballs, which range from $50 to $65. I would have to pay for more gym time and higher another trainer.


What I’ve realized is that, “the worst thing that can happen for kids is the wrong way works for them.” The knowledge, information and experience that these children will gain at a young age is priceless. In the past six years I’ve mentored five valedictorians that were basketball players. I get to teach the balance of academics and sports but at an Elementary level, WOW! The parents will benefit because they have an advocate, community, the student athletes, my company adding a new program!

What I Will Do With $5,000

The program I’m starting requires specifics. Quality 28.5 basketballs can range from $50-$65. I would need at least 15 to 20 to start out. I will also need to purchase gym time to gain traction. I am thinking of a number between 15 to 30 kids starting out, I will definitely need help. I would hire another trainer to help out. I would like to make sure every kid has quality shirts that represents the training they are doing.

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