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NOONI’S Leak-Resistant Comfort for Pregnancy, Postpartum, Post-Op Recovery & Night Sweats

NOONI’S Leak-Resistant Comfort for Pregnancy, Postpartum, Post-Op Recovery & Night Sweats

Lauren Hinnershitz 144 Views

NOONI’S bra is the FIRST to offer full-coverage leak-resistant security, effortless nursing access, and incredible baby-soft comfort, all in one. A reusable solution that will be where you need it, when you need it, all night long.
The relaxed fit straps and elastic bottom band provide gentle support for resting and leisure activity. While NOONI’S sleep bra is designed for maximum nighttime comfort, it is so cozy you will want to wear it all day.
While nursing pads currently exist to absorb breast milk, they tend to shift out of place leaving nearly 4 million new and expecting moms in stained pajamas and wet bed sheets. The entire front of NOONI’S is constructed to wick away, absorb, and prevent breast milk (and sweat) from leaking through. No nursing pads needed.
NOONI’S baby-soft fleece interior is not only gentle on the sore, cracked nipples of a new mother, but also on the tender, healing post-operative scars of a women who has undergone a breast surgery.


- New & Expecting women - NOONI’S provides full-coverage leak-resistant security, nursing access and gentle support day and night.
- Women who have undergone a breast surgery/reconstruction - NOONI’S provides gentle support and a soft interior for sensitive skin/scars.
- Women experiencing night sweats - NOONI’S is capable of absorbing sweat allowing for more comfortable sleep.
- The environment - NOONI’S offers a reusable solution that is better for the environment than disposable pads.

What I Will Do With $5,000

Our idea is the best-kept secret and needs exposure to grow, so we can help women in need. We hope to attend the leading 4-day B2B and consumer show in Orlando, FL, and intend to use the $5,000 to help with associated expenses. More specifically: Application fee for a 10x10 booth: $3,100. Travel & lodging expenses: $1000, Innovation award (for new products) application entry fee: $500. Shipping product and necessary booth supplies to and from FL: $250. Pre-Show marketing: $150.

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About Lauren Hinnershitz

Like most great ideas, mine came out of desperate need for a product that would ease my own personal struggle. It didn't take long to learn I wasn't struggling alone, and that there needed to be a better solution. What began as a simple idea and sketch, became a reality with the help and guidance of my father, who has been in the apparel industry for 40+ years. Beyond NOONI'S, I am a Penn State alumni, yogi, dog lover, plant-based chef, and mother to two amazing sons (4 years & 4 months old).

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