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Notebook Jealousy is real - Innobook

Notebook Jealousy is real - Innobook

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A year after winning 100 Ideas 2018, Innobook received the MIspringboard grant, Incorporated, joined the West Coast Chamber and opened a office/workshop in downtown Zeeland Michigan.

There is no other notebook like this on the market. The aesthetics and variety of design invite curiosity in a otherwise basic product that has remained unchanged in form and function.

Here are the problems that we’ve solved:

Product Pricing- After prototyping and testing our notebook, we’ve found a very competitive numbers that allow healthy margins.

Target Market-  Females 25-45 who use notebooks for more than half of their note writing activity. She buys notebooks at major retailers for a range of $10-$15 per book. This is according to our marketing survey.

Research- Our theory on brain function is based on Jean Piaget’s work on brain schemas which explains how we learn. Innobook reflects a non-linear method that matches how we think.

Branding- We registered for the Innobook trademark.


Innobook represents a minimalistic way of life where simple material is used to execute one of the most powerful superpower known to man; reading and writing.

Even with the most advanced digital technology available, over half of consumers still use paper and ink to collect thoughts and ideas. 

As a teacher, I have begun developing Innobook math tools for tough subjects like college algebra that keep many post secondary students from finding financial success through graduating.

What I Will Do With $5,000

What will you do

$2000 -Hire TRS Data to perform market research in order to develop a better understanding of the market and its size, as well as to create a go-to-market strategy.

$1000 - Packaging and printing material for retail sales and wholesale pop displays

$1000- Design and build our own pneumatic paper punch system

$1000- Create a customizable online ordering feature for our e-commerce site that allows shoppers to build & order a custom Innobook

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