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Oh Hello Stationery Traveler’s Notebook

Oh Hello Stationery Traveler’s Notebook

Kayla Benda 954 Views

Traveler’s notebooks are the fastest growing area for planners. It is a modular system that allows you to bring different inserts from different topics into one planner.

The problem is that there are only a few small companies currently making the notebooks and they are made with expensive leather and retail on average for $100+ before you get the inserts.

We spent the last year traveling to conventions, listening to customers’ wants, and redesigning the traveler’s notebook from the ground up. We created a solution that answers all the issues, is customizable on the outside, vegan-friendly, and most importantly, affordable. ($37 with full customization)

At a recent three day conference for planners in San Francisco, we brought our first batch of notebooks. We sold out of 80% of our stock within a few hours of the first day. We’re excited to continue expanding the collection to other sizes, insert options, and more.


Oh, Hello Stationery Co. mission is to help people make their lives more simple and more beautiful at the same time. Their lives become less complicated with our products. They’re able to schedule out their to-do lists, get them done, and spend more time doing the things they love.

What I Will Do With $5,000

We need $7652.24 to finish our roll out and $5000 would be enough that we could finance the rest.

We want to create a stand that can go in commercial retail spaces to act as a Traveler’s Notebook Bar. You would be able to pick your size and cover style, shop through mini menus based on real customers and what they find useful. These menus act as a guide for picking your inserts. Then there’s a spot for accessorizing with pens, clips, charms, and more.

We just need the capital to start.

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A 20-something entrepreneur who started an online stationery business in 2014.

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