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On The Fly mobile store

On The Fly mobile store

Christopher Rees 131 Views

My mobile store will bring convenience to all rideshare passengers. I offer items that you may need as you get to work(iced coffee). or on your way to class(monster..etc). and after a night out with friends(cigarettes, hangover drink and other items)
my goal is to get many other drivers to come on board, it will increase there tips and give a better experience to their passengers. drivers will also earn commissions and other income from this store.
It is different from other companies in the fact that i will focus and on the drivers needs for ease of sales and interactions and focus on the passenger experience.
All roadblocks that I come across can be over come with the right team at my side and hard work. this is not going to grow into the big corporation model that looks solely at the bottom line of the leaders, but will grow because of the bottom line of the drivers and the great experiences of the passengers.


The benefits will be wide ranging. obviously I will benefit if this does well,  I am an Uber driver and I know that a good or bad experience for the driver and the passenger can turn someones day upside down, or make the rest of their day the best of the week. morning passengers will hopefully have a smile on their faces more often when they get to work, and night passengers will get home safe with all their needs met without having to stop along the way and potentially have a bad interactions

What I Will Do With $5,000

ALL of the money will go straight into web design and legal forms…this is going to be done right from start to finish. I need 1099 forms specific for my needs, I still need the website completed. and i need to get the idea in front of more drivers…i have a couple ready to go and be my first all stars in Grand Rapids

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