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Outsmart Student Loans

Outsmart Student Loans

William Thatcher 473 Views

Debt takes an emotional and financial toll on us. The feeling of freedom that comes with financial independence is incredible. Our goal is to enable millions of people to understand, consolidate and repay their debts in a way that sets them up for financial success down the road.

We have several competitors in the space, but their execution is easy to beat. We’ve designed a powerful system involving refinance market-making, budget comprehension, and gamification of payments.

One of the key tenets of execution in this space is trust. Users need to trust that their finances are in good hands, and flawless software is therefore a must. My partner is a former Facebook and current Google engineer and is writing all of our seamless systems in-house & in-compliance.

The obvious roadblock is branding and website design. Our system needs a name, a face and a story. We have a few graphic designers and a marketing consultant we’d like to work with, we just need the funds to pay them.


This product empowers every person with debt to bring it all together in one place (takes only seconds), refinance it appropriately and pay it back with perfect efficiency. From day one, debtors can take control and put their money where it counts most.

What I Will Do With $5,000

Primarily the funds will be used for developing air tight branding. The brand is the first step for the company to move forward with a consistent vision, mission, and strategy. 

We have both talented resources ready to build what we need. We just don’t have the funds to work with them.
This will change that!

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About William Thatcher

I am an Integrations Product Manager with a software company in Grand Rapids. I have started a FinTech company to help conquer the Everest of student debt we have in this country. Designing software, facilitating integrations, and my depth of research in the Student Loan space has enabled me to be uniquely qualified for success at this venture. If I am not working my day job or grinding on this startup, you will probably find me exercising, reading, or spending time with my friends/family.

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