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Paddle Science

Paddle Science

Mike Noble 359 Views

The most exciting thing about this idea is the amount buzz I have created in Michigan because there is no other person or company in Michigan creating customized personal work. There is not a lot of competitors that focus on specific wood works in Michigan. They mostly focus on Greek apparel. The road blocks are purchasing licensing from Greek Organizations and finding a local wood worker that can mass produce paddles. I have found a wood worker in West Michigan that can mass produce paddles for me. Licenses are very expensive so I would purchase them one at time.


The benefit I’ve found so far is that Michigan will have a local company that personalize Greek projects. The Greek organizations or Greek members will benefit the most from this idea. I have done paddles for seven different Greek organizations.  The potential is limitless. The Omega Psi Phi fraternity incorporated has over 750 chapters world wide with over 300,000 members. That is just one of over 50 Greek organizations.

What I Will Do With $5,000

The biggest expense will be purchasing licenses. I will purchase the licenses of my top Greek organization customers. This will allow me to sale my products at all of their conventions, events, and on college campuses. With the rest of the funds I will purchase a mass amount of paddles and wood products that I need.

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