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Our first product, The Rosa Pak, is a backpack designed for professional women. The most exciting idea about it is that it is more than just a backpack. It is a platform to do something great and positively impact the world. With sales from our products, we will conduct random acts of kindness, or as we call them PAK’s (Parker acts kindness).

The Rosa Pak itself is unique in the fact that it exhibits 3 important qualities: style, function, and affordability. One of the reasons for developing this product was the lack of a product like this in the market place. We found products that were similar, but had only 2 of the 3 qualities incorporated into the Rosa Pak.

The biggest challenge we are facing is partnering with the right manufacturing company to support a startup company and provide the design and material recommendations that we need. To overcome this, we are networking and discussing our project as much as possible to find the perfect partner.


Women who carry laptops, notebookes, etc. will directly benefit from the Rosa Pak, but the impacts of the PAK’s have the ability to benefit infinite people. That is the beauty in it.

The product will allow a woman to carry her work essentials without comprising style or comfort. As a more casual workplace style continues to become more popular, this product will fit in perfectly.

The byproduct of purchasing the Rosa Pak has the ability to change someone’s life. That to me is truly amazing.

What I Will Do With $5,000

The $5,000 will go towards sampling and development costs for the Rosa Pak. We have one prototype made, but we will need to go through multiple rounds of sampling and product trialing to optimize the perfect design and material usage. A sample round costs anywhere from $250-$750. We anticipate we will need to go through 5-10 sample rounds. Any money that is not spent on sampling will go towards marketing to help spread the word about our product and mission to positively impact the world.

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About Taryn Kutches

I am from Norton Shores, MI, a small beach town on the west side of the state. My husband's name is Pete and we have a 4 legged son, Tahoe, and a daughter named Parker. Michigan State University is my alma mater. College football, and pumpkin spice lattes, make fall my favorite season. In the months before college football season, we spend almost every weekend boating and spending time at the beach. During the week, I do the usual 40 hour grind as a sales engineer in the automotive industry.

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