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Parliament is a collective of three Grand Rapids, MI-based artist-entrepreneurs. We created Parliament the Boutique in 2014 as a sales channel to expand our three separate-yet-cohesive accessories and home goods brands, created by hand. Through the community within and surrounding our collective, we have been able to evolve as makers, educators, and conduits for creativity. It is our vision to leverage the imagination and technical skills of our founders and in a new space create a studio, classroom, and boutique that serve as a cultural institution rather than simply a shopping destination.

Parliament consists of its three founders:
Megan Shay Roach – Adventure Textiles
Elyse Marie Welcher - Littlewings Designs
Jacob Vroon – Harbinger Leather Design


We noticed early on that our customers wanted to be more than simply consumers. They want to engage and interact with Parliament beyond a purchase. They want to know the process behind the piece they invest in. In our new space at 136 S. Division, we can invest in the tools necessary to teach regularly scheduled workshops related to our trades, as well as have an open studio inside the boutique. We will be open full time (not by appt), which will benefit our neighbors in the Heartside community.

What I Will Do With $5,000

A portion of our funding will go towards the development of our new space, from the boutique space formerly occupied by Have Company, into a multi-use facility with full time work stations for our founders, as well as work areas designed for classes and workshops.

The remaining third of our funding will be put towards marketing communications. To support our growth plans, we will invest in enhancements to our web presence, particularly the inclusion of educational info and event registration.

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About Megan, Elyse, and Jacob Roach, Welcher, And Vroon

Parliament consists of its three founders: Megan Roach – Adventure Textiles. Born and raised in Detroit, GVSU Graduate. Fiber artist and Vice President of Grand Rapids Weavers Guild. Elyse Welcher – Littlewings Designs. West Michigan Native, alumna of Savannah College of Art & Design. Leatherworker, accessories designer, and cobbler. Jacob Vroon – Harbinger Leather Design. Hails from Holland. Self-taught leatherworker with a line of accessories for men & women, as well as collaborative work.

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