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Party Proxy

Party Proxy

Matthew Jendritz 292 Views

Every university fostering Greek Life Organizations have problems with safety at parties. Furthermore, almost every major public school has suspended Greek Life in the past. Party Proxy gives sober monitors the tools to make their parties safer.

App Features:

Guest List
• Allows fraternities and sororities to keep a detailed ledger of who is invited to a party
• Guests on the list get a QR code invite through the app

• When guests scan-out, they get a notification in 15 minutes asking if they are safe
• If guests do not answer the notification in 10 minutes, sober monitors will be alerted and given the guest’s phone number to call and check on them
• Allows fraternity and sorority accounts access to data that shows the history of events they hosted

Competitive Advantage
• Check-in system beats the currently used excel sheet and Facebook search check-in
• Prevents liability for Greek Orgs by having records

Biggest road block will be acquiring money to develop the app.


• The app is for the Interfraternity Council and Panhellenic Association that every Greek School has. These councils exist to promote safety
• Individual Greek Organizations can still use the app even if no one else at their college has it in the case it is not adopted across the entire campus

This app will give these organizations a live feed of who is at their party, who has left their party, and who has made it home. This information is invaluable.

What I Will Do With $5,000

The $5,000 will go towards developing the application. My team and I have found a developer that will charge $4,000 for the initial app code and then an additional $200/week for updates and maintenance.

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