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Payload CMS

Payload CMS

James Mikrut 278 Views

About Idea

Today, the WordPress CMS powers over 30% of the web. That’s MILLIONS of installations. It’s bloated, slow, insecure, and handles too much.  It uses old technology that is no longer invested in and web developers have grown a strong distaste for the platform.

Worst of all - it only allows its managed content to be used through the single website it’s built for. If you’re a company like Spotify, where people use the content you manage in many apps—browser, TV, mobile, wearable, smart speaker, etc—you can’t build your company with WordPress. You need to build it from scratch, and that can often mean hundreds of thousands of dollars and years of time.

The problem is —developers don’t have any other good choice. There are other CMS out there, but they all have the same problem.

Payload is the answer. It’s a different type of CMS. It’s “headless”—meaning you manage content in one place, but use it anywhere. That’s an incredible paradigm shift, and it’s going to take the internet by storm.


Payload makes complex and globally distributed software easier and more cost-effective to build. It acts as a catalyst for ideas and makes once daunting tasks more feasible. It also allows web developers to disconnect themselves from legacy platforms and use modern programming paradigms, which encourages digital progression and innovation.

Its earning potential is internet-scale and it is already in use within production applications that power digital experiences for thousands of users.

What I Will Do With $5,000

50,000 lines of code and two years later, Payload is done! It’s built and we’re ready to announce our work to the public. Over those two years, we’ve built a formidable product and it’s one that we can’t wait to put into the hands of the internet.

It’s time to spread the word. With the $5,000, we will make sure people know about Payload. We’ll invest in digital advertising campaigns and build promotional content that will propagate across the web, announcing Payload’s presence to the world.

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About James Mikrut

I have been a graphic designer and web developer for over ten years. I am the founder of Grand Rapids digital design agency TRBL and absolutely love what I do. Since founding Payload CMS, my team and I have been hard at work for the past two years building this platform into something that we hope will improve our industry as a whole and create technology jobs right here in West Michigan.

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