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Personalized Curl Package

Personalized Curl Package

Recka Lyons 394 Views

The exciting part is each package comes with 4 full size products and hair accessories. Its everything your curls needs to save you time, money, and resources. So you can get back to your roots naturally.  The problem is walmart, amazon, nor walgreens didn’t provide african american women a hair care regimen that fits their unique hair type at a reasonable price. Only a couple brands with very little products options and high prices. So I decided to combine these products and 4 years of research into a convenient, reliable, and affordable package. My road blocks are competing with big distributing companies. I believe I can get around it
because I believe in my brand.


Black Girls In My Community Can Benefit From This. Black Girl Magic

What I Will Do With $5,000

5,000 will be used to further expand my idea and eliminate some start up costs. Also give me an opportunity to buy more products in bulk at wholesale prices to meet the demands of my growing customers base. To purchase special packaging, label printer, and hire a web designer. As well as my increase my budget for marketing to reach more customers.

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About Recka Lyons

my name is Recka Lyons And I am the founder of 4 My Hairitage. 4 My Hairitage is a natural hair resource company. It all started with a Big Chop. I was fighting the need to be free, to feel beautiful, and to have purpose. The desire to be recka unapologetically. With falling in love with myself, I Fell in love with my hair to. I use my natural hair as an expression of who I am as a black woman.

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