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About Idea

Currenty exist other phage-related treatment projects, but they are based on the passive key-lock method (bacteria-phages). I will synthetically design my phages to the pathogen of inteterest. The organized matching database also an unique innovation in this field and it will reduce the recruited time for the intervention, which could be potentially life-saving


It could potentially save the life of patients who are infected with multiresistant pathogens and they have not more treatment opportunity in the field of conventionell medicine.

What I Will Do With $5,000

I will buy the recruited laboratory materials such as phage cultures, mutagenic chemical compounds and their licenses.

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About Andre Pelzmann

I am working as independent entrepreneur-scientist (InventQ Medical Research is my contract R&D and consulting boutique firm) in the field of applied biomedicine. I have been worked as Product Manager in biotech industry in the field of precision medicine and neurodegenerative in vitro disease modelling. I have got an patent related to an innovative stem cell-based HIV treatment.I am also active member of the Longevity Community

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