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Pickup Athletics

Pickup Athletics

Mitchel Starback 165 Views

Once high school and college are over it can be difficult to find a group of people to play basketball, volleyball, etc. The goal is to show when and where people can play in pickup games or leagues. It will also show people where they can find their favorite fitness classes and at what costs. Instructors and gyms can even promote their classes and facilities.

There aren’t many established competitors with such a unique idea. Each have a certain aspect but they don’t bring it all together in this way.  Roadblocks: Revenue, marketing, and creating a successful platform.

Revenue: Will come from different types of users such as gyms, instructors,players, leagues, and ads. Different levels(costs) of the app would offer different capabilities.
Marketing: Would start small with social media and a website, and grow from there.
Platform: This will be the most time consuming and costly aspect of the business.


People that are struggling finding ways to do things they want to do. Our lives are busy and that can make searching for a pickup game or a yoga class seem like a big task. This can also help fitness instructors bring and retain users with easy promotion and class signups. This will help create revenue for gyms and could even replace rec leagues. I envision an app like this teaming up with Nike. There’s a Durant commercial where he drives around looking for pickup games. This could help Durant.

What I Will Do With $5,000

The bulk of this money would be used towards web and app development. It would also go towards marketing the app and running 4 large sports tournaments to promote the app and other local businesses. To build on the excitement of a new sports season, each tournament would start at the beginning of a pro sport season. There would be prize giveaways food and more. These gatherings would be a great opportunity for local businesses to promote themselves and support each other

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I currently work full time as a Systems Analyst. My Wife and I enjoy traveling, one of our favorite places is Iceland ( you should ABSOLUTELY go if you have the chance ). I am constantly coming up with new ideas and plan on pursuing a number of them in the near future.

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