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This idea was a winner! Elsa Vogel was awarded $5,000 in August 2015

About Idea

Pieces of Me is an new way for individuals to express themselves and share their personality with the world.  It utilizes a list of pre-determined personality traits that, through self-input as well as soliciting the ideas of friends and family, compiles the top-reported traits of the consumer. These traits are matched with pre-designed icons. Once selected, the application generates a custom design. This ‘kaleidoscope’ of traits is a literal, visual representation of the buyer who can purchase a variety of wearable merchandise and accessories stamped with their personal Pieces of Me design!

The market has failed to recognize the potential for products that take customization to the next level. Pieces of Me taps into this potential not just at surface level color changes and alterations, but by creating true meaning and a story behind each design. We can all think of products touted as ‘customization’, but not many bring an individual message in the form of visual design.


There is a social responsibility to give consumers more self-confidence, knowing there are good things in all of us. Pieces of Me is an opportunity for that self-discovery. Wearing a piece containing a unique design serves as a reminder of all the positive traits others think of them – they are valued. Pieces of Me strives to bring only these positive traits to the forefront, and to allow buyers to proudly display them as their own identity.

What I Will Do With $5,000

Currently, investors have committed to fund the Pieces of Me application once I take the proof of concept to the next level and work through incubation. The $5,000 is what will help me accomplish this and bring my proof of concept back to the investors to receive full funding. The $5,000 will be used on testing focus groups, additional market research, sample product, and focused Facebook ads to further sample the effectiveness of Pieces of Me within my target market.

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About Elsa Vogel

Hi! I’m Elsa Vogel. Graphic designer by day, entrepreneur by night. I graduated in May 2015 from Bowling Green with a BFA in Graphic Design. I participated in an program at BGSU (see video) where I pitched Pieces of Me to a panel of investors. The concept resonated well, and I received promised funding from all five investors. I am working on proof of concept as well as working as a freelance designer out of my office in downtown Holland, MI. Other loves: dogs, summer, West MI outdoors.

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