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My product is a hand crafted, specialty smoking paper, and has merit because it makes life easier, eases stress, and also empowers people to feel successful, and feel like saying “Oh my gosh, I DID IT !!”.Anyone who has never rolled once in their life, can successfully and easily roll with my paper. The closest competitor has inferior quality paper, inferior quality workmanship, and absolutely no choices whatsoever. My product addresses all those issues, and THEN some. My paper is so pure you can literally eat it, my glue is kosher and organic. I will offer various papers, sizes, and private labeling. Obviously financial challenges can stall forward progress, however, I have already managed to streamline and expand production, expand the product line,upgrade and improve packaging based on feedback from users, filed a trademark on the name , established a website, and formulated an advertising plan that allows the baby steps I may be forced to take, to get my idea off the ground.


Medical patients and caregivers will no longer need to use a rolling machine , along with anyone active, travelers, or anyone who thinks they can’t roll. Using my product literally eliminates stress, and mess, no other product offers that. There are, on average, over 250k RYO smokers each month in the USA alone, at 1-3% , any other location on the planet has higher percentages, going up to 20- 23% in the UK. My product is recommended by Doug Kennedy , founder and editor of RYO Magazine.

What I Will Do With $5,000

I would finish purchasing equipment for packaging, including custom dies and a cutting machine ($500), I would expand and grow inventory, including packaging ($2000) ,I would upgrade website to an active commerce platform including accepting payments, and use the balance toward advertising using digital bill boards in various locations, as well as with RYO Magazine.

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