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Powell Networks - Rural & Urban Fiber Optic Internet Access

Powell Networks - Rural & Urban Fiber Optic Internet Access

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Traditional Internet service providers have got it all wrong. Instead of investing money through contracts and subcontracts with expensive inflation and multiple middle-men, they should be focusing on spending where it matters: the customers they serve.

We’re Powell Networks, a startup company in Fremont, Michigan with a little experience with the topic. The most exciting idea here is the ability to rapidly expand access throughout under-served rural and over-priced urban locations alike.

Our services rely on a combination of wireless towers to start, grow, and expand. We’re unlike current Internet service providers because we want to grow with our communities, through our communities, with fair prices and community focus as a part of our core goal.

Traditionally, road blocks for any new Internet company includes leasing space for cables and paying for it’s installation. That’s why we manufacture and install our own fiber both through aerial and underground routes, end-to-end.


If executed correctly, this startup has an enormous potential for impact. Rural areas are highly under-served, while urban areas are highly over-priced. The access offered to rural customers is often so incredibly expensive and unreliable, while the cable and wireless lines used in urban areas are heavily sold out, pushed past their designed use, and often times experience slowdowns and bottlenecks. Our network will make a difference because of it’s community focus and drive to be where you are.

What I Will Do With $5,000

Fiber, towers, and access, oh my! Using our $5,000 grant, we would purchase a bucket truck (the deal is already lined up for $1,000), build our prototype fiber manufacturing machine, and place a few towers throughout different areas in Newaygo County. We would also purchase more access from our back-end provider to begin experimenting with production-use BGP and routing, so that we could expand from our current Internet service. $5,000 would move us from beta testing into full blown production!

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About Tim Powell

My name is Tim Powell, and as the Founder & CEO of Powell Labs, I have been passionate about technology, Internet, and business for my entire life. Internet technology is a focal area of my expertise, with extensive knowledge of networking, security and optimization. I've had the honor of participating in a 5X5 Night series before, and have attended Startup Weekend GR 2016. I've also been privileged to work with the Michigan SBDC on their Small Business, Big Threat cyber security initiative!

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