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Powered Crutches

Powered Crutches

David Clark 19 Views

About Idea

The prototype Powered Crutches were satisfactorily trialed at the University of Pittsburgh Human Engineering Research Lab affiliated with the VA hospital. This is a new product development; similar ideas include powered lifting chairs but these are costly and not easily transported.


Individuals with weak or prosthetic legs benefit from this idea. Motivation for the idea resulted from witnessing a US Soldier demonstrate frustration when requiring help to stand from his chair during a memorial event.

What I Will Do With $5,000

The new product human use study at the Pittsburgh lab was collaborative. My next step in this mutual effort is for my seeking grant sponsorship in which the Pittsburgh lab and Director are named as collaborators on the grant application to conduct an expanded human trial. The $5000 would hire a seasoned grant writer and would cover material costs for 5 pairs of Powered Crutches to support the study.

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About David Clark

I’m a licensed mechanical engineer (P.E.) and a Christian man having core values to help others. I’ve been married for 27 years to my wife JoAnn and we have 2 children. The $5000 would cover costs to take this new product to the next stage of development.

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