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Public and Private Streaming Video Channels to Promote You to the World!

Public and Private Streaming Video Channels to Promote You to the World!

Steven Benson 138 Views

SmartTVNetworks has exclusive rights to produce Roku streaming channels for Grand Rapids Area Community, Grand Haven Area Community, Holland Area Community, and Muskegon Community. Our intent is to showcase West Michigan to the world!

If your business wants to have its own streaming TV channel we can upload and publish videos and information pertinent to your company. This can include information for or about your employees and associates, your products and services, your philosophies and mission, or anything else you want the world to know.

Most importantly, we have the ability to give a GLOBAL VOICE TO LOCAL BUSINESSES AND INDIVIDUALS; a voice that will be heard wherever streaming media is available. Businesses can now promote their services to a much broader audience, and people interested in West Michigan can learn about available homes, communities, and activities from the anywhere in the world!

WE GENERATE THE EXPOSURE THAT CHANGES LIVES, whether it’s for you or your business.


EXPOSURE LEADS TO SUCCESS. The greatest product or service will not sell if no one knows about it. The most talented person in the world needs an audience or no one will experience their gift.

WE GIVE EXPOSURE TO THOSE WHO WANT AND NEED IT. Our ability to stream information and programming across the globe will allow individuals and businesses to dramatically increase their exposure and enhance their success.

WE DON’T CHANGE LIVES, WE ALLOW LIVES TO BE CHANGED through the power of the media.

What I Will Do With $5,000

We’ve already invested in the software to initialize, develop, and produce Roku channels. In March we will need to invest another $1,000+ in additional software that will allow us to publish to Amazon Fire TV as well. We also need to purchase new software that allows us to edit and produce videos more quickly, and potentially a more powerful computer to run the software.

Most importantly, we need to PROMOTE OUR SERVICES, so anyone who wants exposure for themselves or their business can get it.

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I want to make a difference, and more importantly for you, I want to help you succeed. I am an "idea guy" and I utilize my unique perspective and myriad talents to help people and businesses.

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