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Pure Chocolate

Pure Chocolate

Jessica Ludlow 387 Views
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Pure chocolate is incomparable to anything on the market. After much research done, I have found that there are no candies that resemble today’s favorites that are dairy free gluten free vegan and organic! I decided to resolve this issue by creating 4 candies. Coconut clusters resemble Almond Joys, Nutty Cups are to resemble Reece’s peanut butter cups, Snap ‘Ems are right next to a Twix bar, and Pretzel Bites are just like a Take-5! A few roadblocks are appearing. One is that I need assistance in the kitchen. Because I am the only one running the business right now, I need more help. Another roadblock is that we need to start renting out a commercial kitchen. PC needs to start making their candies in a commercial kitchen due to the Cottage Food Law.


Pure Chocolate’s goal is to help all those who are vegan or have dietary restrictions eat chocolate again without worrying! I myself have an allergy to whey and casein protein (found in milk), so I have experienced this problem first handed. The moment I created these 4 candies, I knew I could make many people happy. After only being in sales for 4 months, it has been made clear that Pure Chocolate is helping a huge market of people!

What I Will Do With $5,000

First, I will use $3,000 of it to rent out commercial kitchen space in Grand Rapids on a monthly basis. The next $1,200 will be used to hire an assistant to help make candy when PC is in the commercial kitchen. Whomever I hire will be paid $9.50/hour. At this rate, I will have approximately 126 hours of help. The last $800 will be put towards marketing. This includes ads through Google AdSense and Facebook, along with sponsorships with large vegan influencers on Instagram.

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About Jessica Ludlow

I am a student at GVSU studying business. I love all things health and business. I started PC when I saw a need in the market. Because I am allergic to dairy, I am not able to eat many things. More people are having the same issue. I am a major chocolate lover. I would give myself an allergic reaction just to have a bite of chocolate. I spent hours in the kitchen finding a way to modify today's favorite candy's recipes so that as many people as possible can indulge in the past favorites.

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