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Purely will be the first open digital platform built for kids to share their art with the world.

1) Purely is, first, an art destination so the world can appreciate young artists of all ages and abilities.

2) Second, Purely is a marketplace where visitors can find, like and share artwork—and purchase products based upon it. Artists share in the revenue for each product purchased. There are marketplaces built for designers (Society6, Red Bubble, Zazzle), but nothing that caters to the <18 audience.

A simple and intuitive user experience (UX) is critical to Purely’s success. Building the complete vision with an optimized UX will be complex, requiring custom solution development and significant funding ($150k+). So, we are first building a Proof of Concept site (Phase I), a one-sided marketplace that showcases a select group of artists, with a focus on product sales. This will allow us to prove market demand and concept viability before building the complete vision (Phase II).


Purely will empower kids and teens by allowing them to broadly share their artwork, gaining appreciation in return. The platform will be a launchpad for promising career artists to earn exposure for their talent—and a little money in the process.

We believe Purely will fully realize its revenue potential in Phase II. With an optimized UX and unlimited scalability, artist sign-ups, site traffic and product sales all increase. And Purely becomes much more valuable to advertisers and sponsors.

What I Will Do With $5,000

Two of the most important next steps for Purely are 1) identifying and engaging top-notch young artists to feature on our Proof of Concept site and 2) gaining widespread regional exposure. To achieve these objectives, we’d use the $5,000 grant for social media marketing and to host regional events, with a goal of collecting at least 100 pieces of art. We will partner with influencers in the art and business worlds to stretch this grant even further.

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About Jill Hulswit

My mom, Katherine Mullen, and I are Purely co-founders. A little about US... We are just like you. We are serious adults who used to be carefree kids. We crave the simplicity and honesty of the youthful perspective. We recognize that perspective in our kids and their art. And it makes us happy. We are a passionate mother-daughter duo from Grand Rapids with college degrees and careers in business and marketing. We want to create a thriving business with broad, positive social impact.

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