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PushPin the Visitor Mapper

PushPin the Visitor Mapper

Jason Bock 54 Views

Remember those maps at roadside dinners where customers could stick a pin to mark where they were from?

PushPin is a modern update.

A visitor enters their address at the entrance to an attraction, restaurant or retail store with a simple touch screen interface. Using the Google Maps API, a virtual pin is placed on a giant video map for each visitor.

Families and tourists love seeing where everybody is from!

PushPin collects an email address and sends the visitor an email requesting a review on sites like TripAdvisor or Yelp. For small businesses relying on tourist business, review web sites can determine whether you succeed.

There are many web mapping tools. PushPin is different. PushPin is used while people enter or leave a brick and mortar business.

PushPin has been developed in Holland at Nelis’ Dutch Village. With a few changes, we’re ready to present it to the world and help small attractions and independent restaurants everywhere.


Review web sites are critical for small businesses that rely on tourist business.

Collecting emails to remind visitors to review your business is tough. Tourists don’t want to join an email club for a place they might only visit once.

PushPin can revolutionize the way these businesses generate reviews by providing a simple, compelling for visitors to give an email address.

Positive reviews equal a sustainable, local business.

What I Will Do With $5,000

Much of the basic work has already been programmed. You can see it in action at Dutch Village today. The next step for PushPin is to make it more accessible and usable by other businesses.

The $5k will be used to add administrative features to the software that will allow the customization necessary for each business.

In addition, the $5k will be used to build a web site to introduce PushPin to other attractions, restaurants and retail shops that could benefit from a mapping program.

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About Jason Bock

Jason Bock has been working in the amusement industry for most of his professional career. Known as the "Laser Tag Guy" he has helped build and run laser tag arenas around the country. He also managed a small, regional theme park in the Adirondacks and works with Dutch Village here in Holland. Much of his time is spent developing web sites and working on software tools. Jason lives in Laketown with his beautiful wife Teresa, a pretentious Corgi named Lizzie and Frankie the wonder cat.

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