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Our competitors are Adorna Wigs they are based out of New York and is the most similar to our design, and Head Covers.  based out of Texas, this company is the oldest and first large scale hat wig company. Unlike our competitors our hat technology is actually installed in any hat, ( work hats, church hats, sports hats) This option is offered to our customers as a service. Other hat companies like ours only have Velcro options, Our hair units have snap buttons or Velcro for interchanging hat styles and the hairstyles we sell are limitless. (Braids, twists. locks, long or short hair). We are unique and different from any other company in our market because no other company offers this strategy or versatility for creating a wig using a hat. Our Slogan is “Any Hat Any Hair Any Face” this phrase reflects our concept that any hat can have our technology installation, any hairstyle can be created for the hats, and any face can wear our products.


Our mission is encouraging women and children to feel more confident about their outer appearance. Hair is an extreme part of self image. Many people in our community suffer from cancer, alopecia, trichomania, or chemical damage to their hair. Wearing protective hairstyles is important and convenient. We knew there was a better solution than itchy wigs, hair weave, or frequent trips to the salon.  Wearing Qute Fix interchangeable hair hat unit is a comfortable way to wear hairstyles in hats.

What I Will Do With $5,000

We would invest $3,000 in 2 campaigns, one focusing on Hair loss suffers, and the other would focus on women that wear wigs and weaves consistantly. We would pay for Viral Marketing using our targeted demographics when advertising on Facebook, Instagram, and local radio stations. Videos and content for social media and YouTube would embrace our concepts and drive potential customers to our online store. We would invest $1,000 in modifying our inventory. and $1,000 would update our online store.

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