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Rapid Art Movement

Rapid Art Movement

Zachary Trebellas 674 Views

Rapid Art Movement is Grand Rapids’ first arts event built for social distancing. Unlike ArtPrize and Festival for the Arts, which give rise to crowds as people flock to specific sites, RAM will have no fixed locations. Instead it will take place in a geographic zone of ever-shifting activity within the Monroe North neighborhood. Focused on inspiring new work from local artists, RAM will challenge them to create pieces that can be displayed and performed on the move. How can art be attached to the body, shown on a bicycle, or performed while in motion? RAM will show Grand Rapids that when given the chance, our artists can create unforgettable experiences.


RAM aims to give local artists the increasingly rare chance to show their work and be paid for it. Arts events are creative catalysts which spark new relationships and collaborations among artists. The attendees of the event will witness creativity up close, thus forming new relationships with artists and renewed interest in local artistic production. Lastly, Monroe North business will benefit from increased traffic, whether carry-out or eat-in, after a particularly difficult lock down.

What I Will Do With $5,000

I will first implement a mini grant application process so artists with larger-scale, more ambitious ideas can find funds for their projects. I would then pay all remaining participating artists evenly for their efforts. Any leftover money will be used for event marketing. With our city’s decline in arts coverage (Grand Rapids Press’ arts writer, Cultured GR, and On The Town have all gone defunct in the last three years), marketing an arts event is more pay-to-play than ever.

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About Zachary Trebellas

I am the director of the Avenue for the Arts. Originally from Chicago, I studied Art History and Arts Management at Columbia College before moving to Grand Rapids in 2015. I relocated because I was interested in the artistic efforts of a mid-sized city and wanted to make a bigger impact than I could have in Chicago. Upon my first month here, I began volunteering for the Avenue for the Arts and became its first director in December of 2019.

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