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Live music culture is rapidly expanding, in 2015 over 30 million individuals attended festivals alone. Additionally, due to the impact music streaming services are having on the industry, artist income now heavily relies on touring and playing live shows. Despite this rapid growth,  there is no quality check system for fans to know who are the best and worst artists to see and venues to see them at. Fans have no way to quickly review their experiences at live performances. RateGigs is a web application that allows concert goers to rate live performances and read reviews of artists, venues and festivals. Additionally, RateGigs allows for artists to leave reviews on venues and festivals and communicate with one another about the best places to perform. RateGigs is the Yelp for venues and the Rotten Tomatoes for live performances. We strive to improve the live music experience of music lovers.


We aim to engage music lovers in an immersive community where they can make intelligent decisions about their concert ticket purchases, as well as encourage artists, venues and festivals to uphold the quality of their performances and services. Currently, concert goers must base their ticket purchases on unreliable word of mouth recommendations for live shows. There is an undeniable need in the live music industry for a central hub of user-driven feedback on artists, venues and festivals.

What I Will Do With $5,000

RateGigs will use the majority of funds to accelerate its product go-to-market timing. The minimal viable product web application will be complete and ready for Beta testers in early December of 2017. After complying to Beta tester feedback, RateGigs will use these funds to hard launch in March at the SXSW Trade Show within the Startup Village category. SXSW in Austin, Texas, is the umbrella under which music meets technology, and March is just in time for the start of music festival season.

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About Spencer Lebel

My name is Spencer Lebel and I am the CEO of RateGigs. My passion lies in music and fixing problems in the world - starting RateGigs allowed me to satisfy both with one market-disrupting company. My partner, David Wong, is a close friend of mine who has a love for the electronic dance music scene. David has an innate ability to weave together stories and present them in the manner that will require only the edge of your seat. RateGigs has been a rollercoaster we both enjoy riding everyday.

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