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This idea was a winner! was awarded $5,000 in August 2020

About Idea

re/Connect, is an app that helps deepen our connections with the people in our lives. In a world where we can engage, interact or see anyone at any time with just a few swipes it is surprising to know that relationships and social satisfaction are at an all time low.

By leveraging technology to automate the process and hurdles that normally stop people from making connections, re/Connect makes it easy for people to stay connected with loved ones, friends and acquaintances.

Our App, allows users to set up groups (Friends, Family, Business Acquaintances, Support Group) and a call schedule for each group. Users then add contacts to each group. 

Once, contacts are added and the schedule is triggered for a particular group, users will receive a call asking if they would like to speak with a contact from that group.

If they press #1, that app calls that contact from the users number, if they press #2, the app will hang up


re/Connect capitalizes on behavioral economics of nudging people into positive/beneficial behavior.

Once a re/Connect group is defined, contacts are added and schedule is chosen, the app nudges people to take time in conversation that is meant for connection and caring. It takes the friction out of deciding who to talk to and searching for their information, and it prioritizes deep connection over the sense of disconnection that can happen with today’s social media platforms.


What I Will Do With $5,000

The grant will be used to continue development on our native iOS and Android apps.

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About Andy Blanchard

I am passionate about leveraging technology to enhance our daily lives. I am father of two awesome kids and want to show them that business and compassion do not have to be separate to succeed.

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