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re-Contour for Breast Reconstruction

re-Contour for Breast Reconstruction

Julie Hyde-Edwards 3787 Views
This idea was a winner! Julie Hyde-Edwards was awarded $5,000 in November 2017

About Idea

Mastectomy can have a profoundly adverse affect on women with breast cancer. Getting back to “normal” often can depend on looking normal and complete. But the majority of breast reconstruction patients have final results are less than optimal with prominent mastectomy scars that remind them of cancer every time they look in the mirror. Julie Hyde-Edwards developed a solution during her own cancer journey and she wants to make it commercially available to surgeons. In fact, her own surgeon has championed re-Contour as an improvement over the improvised, bulky dressings commonly used now. This patented technology provides a post-surgical dressing that’s comfortable, invisible under clothing, and is made from an FDA approved scar-therapy material. It can be worn for the critical 90-day post-op period. With re-Contour breast cancer survivors will have the chance for a more aesthetic and complete recovery.



1-8 women are diagnosed each year with breast cancer. With over 120,000 breast reconstructions annually, re-Contour can help these women have the best possible reconstructions – and return to their lives looking more complete. Re-Contour solves two common problems for surgeons due to the lack of a commercially available dressing: one that fits a reconstructed breast during the post-op period, and simultaneously provides scar therapy to the underlying mastectomy scars.

What I Will Do With $5,000

Developing a prototype to demonstrate compliance and invite a few select surgeons who are key opinion leaders to provide testimonials are key milestones. I am committed to manufacturing re-Contour with a certified FDA manufacturer in Michigan. If granted this award :
$1,500 -used for design changes and revised CAD drawings.
$3,000 -fund the material selection and prototype work in progress
$500 - towards attending Michigan Association of Plastic Surgeons Meeting in July

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About Julie Hyde-Edwards

I’m a practicing graphic designer, lover of mid-century objects and art, and now, a “citizen scientist”. Aesthetics and design have always been important to me. Breast cancer changed my life. By designing a novel solution during my own medical case, I want to help every woman heal more beautifully after mastectomy.

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