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Re-VISION is a youth headquarters that will give youth the opportunity to find their personal goals, purposes, and sustain them. Re-VISION will allow youth to tinker and experiment with different ideas, career paths, learn peace education, and effective communication skills.  I am most excited about giving the chance to discover true identities, letting students explore different ideas without fear of failure or mistakes, and the freedom to leave a print in this world.  My idea is different from other schools because students will be taught how to manage themselves, their ideas, minds, thinking patterns, eating patterns, and motivations.

The obvious challenge of Re-VISION is undoing over 180 years of the one-size fits all education model.  Many parents I have had interactions with are primarily concerned with a letter grade verses effort.  When students are enrolled in Re-VISION,  both child and parent will be 100% involved in the education development of their learning paths.


Both student and the parents will benefit from Re-VISION. Children grow up learning who they are, where they want to go and what they want to do. This will create a generation of intellectuals and forward thinkers.  A generation who will know comfort when thinking outside of the box with self-absurdness and appetency. 

Parents will also benefit from Re-VISION because they will unlearn the cycle of uniform education and learn the importance of personalizing goals, ambitions, and application.

What I Will Do With $5,000

The 5,000 will be used to purchase 5 laptops, projector screen and projector, trips for cultural experiences, cultural relevant literature, furniture (bean bag chairs, lap desks, desks), sporting equipment, STEM products, and workshops (with guest speakers/dancer/chefs/engineers/teen summits).

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About Angela Lang

I'm a teacher and mother of 4. I have always known that I wanted to be a teacher. The capacity in which I need to teach has become clear to me. I tutor 2 days a week and some weekends. I believe for some students traditional education settings hinders the true individual purposes of some. Also, being a mother of 4 I have learned the effects of traditional schooling on a personal level. I love teaching and seeing the joy on faces of students when they identify or uncover a personal truth.

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