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The founders of Realism created it in order to solve problems they had in school: science class was extremely boring, often falling asleep. This problem is shared by 99% of students found in an recent high school survey. Everything is lecture dominated and basically a data dump, and students almost never get to apply what we learn in real life. This is because schools are unable to provide the majority of the equipment used to apply what students learn because it can cost up to millions and most labs are unsafe.

Our product solves all these problems. Using algorithms and machine learning, we can simulate almost any science environment while being extremely engaging to all students. We can even simulate nuclear reactions and machines that cost millions for fractions of the traditional cost. We’ve developed our platform closely with teachers and all of our content utilizes the power of virtual reality and education in the classroom to benefit students in the best way possible.


The Realism platform will revolutionize science education for the 600 million students across the world. Not only are we providing them with the most advanced science education ever, the experience will be memorable and engaging. Students will now have the chance to apply the knowledge that they learn in class, and schools won’t be restricted by costs and safety concerns. Students will have the full breath of science at their fingertips, right in the classroom.

What I Will Do With $5,000

It will be primarily used to accelerate the growth of development and allow us to launch at an accelerated pace. The money will allow us to purchase more development equipment and setup all necessary client side software.
This includes computers with strong GPU’s more better VR rendering for testing
software, more VR and AR headsets down the road for testing out multiplayer and
providing cross platform support, and webhosting and servers on Amazon Web Services for our website and web platform.

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About Steven Wang

Co-founder of Realism. Aspiring computer science student! I'm passionate about changing education for the better especially lower income schools from my personal experiences. I'm really excited to share my idea with everyone in my first 5x5 application.

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