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Recovery Infused Yoga

Recovery Infused Yoga

Lindsay Belcastro 393 Views

We have exciting news Judge Laville of the 61st District Court has approved my Recovery Infused Yoga class (RIYCC) as a Sobriety Court approved meeting. I am teaching on Wednesdays at 7pm located at the Kent County North Alano Club. RIYCC is a unique modality for people in recovery and all walks of life! For example, a student showed up a couple weeks ago crying and shared her story of a relapse. she felt she couldn’t attend AA or NA from the shame. and she saw yoga on the schedule, she told herself I can at least do that. After the class, she expressed that she felt calmer and was ready to go to the 8pm AA meeting. We are different because we have not been able to find a specific recovery yoga meeting in Grand Rapids. Roadblocks we have encountered are that yoga studios have turned their heads to the idea of yoga for the purpose of recovery. We are working with a mentor at SCORE in developing a current business plan to create a healing center.


The best part of this project is that the whole community benefits. When we heal people from addiction they become productive citizens. To be specific Sobriety Court clients, treatment centers, transitional housing, ems, police officers and all their families. Our student’s lives will change by simply smiling more. They will have an anchor in yoga through the rough waves of life and navigate the seasons of recovery. Yoga also helps with pain management and anger abandonment. We Build Community!!

What I Will Do With $5,000

This specific project will help to start our program. It will sponsor 16 people in recovery to participate in the once a week month-long curriculum. A video has been attached to explain. 
The budget would include set up for post-class rejuvenation including smoothies and beverages with kitchen necessities, yoga mats and oils not readily available to participants and certifying the first Michigan ‘Yoga for recovery’ instructor.

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