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RELEASE! is exciting because it is a brand new form of workout! Yes many people have tried a ‘kickboxing class,’ but almost no one has taken a kickboxing class taught by a professional female MMA cage fighter.  There are no other lgbt female owned and operated kickboxing gyms in or around Lansing.  RELEASE! offers a positive atmosphere that will leave you wanting more. Current road block is mainly not having any capital.  We have been focused on RELEASE! 150% since April 1st 2019 and it has been amazing but difficult to have a profit and still purchase needed items like gloves and hand wraps. Equipment will last for years but its cost a great amount buying kickboxing bags, mats, etc to get everything started.


Anyone who is willing to try my class will benefit.  RELEASE! not only offers a great 30 minute workout, it also helps you release pent up emotions.  In a world where everyone is too busy to take care of their own mental & physical health, RELEASE! is designed for just that!  During a 30 minute class you will push your body further then you think you can. You not only leave feeling proud, but accomplished and joyful.
RELEASE; allow or enable to escape from confinement; set free.

What I Will Do With $5,000

Lease our own space. I am currently subleasing & need a space of our own.  Since I sublease I can only offer classes at off times.  If I am able to have my own building, I can have class at different times, bringing in more individuals to help.  RELEASE! is meant to be a holistic gym which includes nutritional coaching, meal planning, life coaching, etc.  Growing up in Lansing poor & overweight I feel like my diabetes diagnosis was God saying ‘give back,’ so I stopped MMA & created RELEASE!

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About Aurelia Cisneros

I'm a certified personal trainer & a mixed martial artist. I have recently stepped out in faith, quitting my job to focus on RELEASE! full time. It is my passion to help people learn how to better themselves and live a longer, more vibrant life. I was living with type 1 diabetes for years, without knowing, & the only thing that kept me alive was my workout routine. Working out is a natural insulin which kept me alive for years. My regular workout routine helped save my life.

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