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Jasmine Brown 125 Views

Well , we all have those events or date nights that we have to get everything in order before that day arrives. We all scramble around trying to find the perfect venue or add ons that’ll make everything a little special. With this app you could select your location, select that this a date and ideas will pop up based off your interests or theme. If you just want dinner then you can pick out a restaurant nearest you that has a specific desert you want , and make your reservations. Afterwards you may be prompt on other activities you could do that’ll go great after dinner and if you want you can choose that lovely movie theater, pay for your tickets and be good to go.


Everyone benefits from this idea because no matter if your rushing to plan that family trip,buy everyone’s tickets,book your hotel,make sure your rental car will be ready. It’ll be done in one app. It will take he ease off of everything all you’ll be covered. With technology rapidly growing, there’s somewhere everywhere who’s trying to develop ideas smart enough to elevate what we’re already given.

What I Will Do With $5,000

I will put all of the money into building my app.

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About Jasmine Brown

I am a 23yr old college student who’s on the road to success. I have came from nothing and want nothing more but to see myself grow into something. I currently work a part time job while I’m in school, it’s my mission to work hard and make myself proud .

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