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Resilient Roots Wellness Collective

Resilient Roots Wellness Collective

Kayla Morgan 669 Views

Find healing and relief in a space that understands YOUR experience. We believe that the true path to healing is working together as a community to change the narrative of our lives create to healthier future for everyone.
This is a collaboration of committed Wellness Professionals & Community Partners who bring wellness experiences to the community. We believe that self-care is fundamental to human happiness and seek to offer an abundance of services that meet the needs of our minds, bodies, and spirits.  There is one other Wellness Collective in GR however, They do not represent or serve the Black and Brown Community.  I do not see any road blocks. I believe that a fresh collective space is the innovation that GR needs to address the oppression for people of color in GR.  I believe that if any road blocks come up that we as a community can come together to overcome them because we are resilient like the roots of our ancestors.


Potential to change the narrative of Black and Brown lives in GR. Black / Latino and Native American people make up 30 % of GR.  In integrated spaces, patterns of white dominance are inevitable. There is data that shows GR has a crisis in our Housing and Foster Care System. POC are extremely over represented in both systems. We as a collective aim to be a continuum of care for the community.

What I Will Do With $5,000

The grant will be used to finalize branding and start a marketing campaign to promote our call to action and our small businesses. 

We will also hold quarterly community events and conversations to advocate and educate about the benefits of inclusive wellness environments.

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About Kayla Morgan

I have dedicated my career to healing and uplifting Black and Brown communities with advocacy to prevent further generational trauma that is rooted in our nation's history. I am passionate about health and wellness because I have learned how much it truly MATTERS and I have experienced life-changing benefits from eating clean (majority of the time), exercising, and practicing self care. I have fallen in love with this balanced healthy lifestyle.