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Retro Future Films: A Conundrum and A Paradox

Retro Future Films: A Conundrum and A Paradox

Julian Newman 2875 Views
This idea was a winner! Julian Newman was awarded $5,000 in September 2017

About Idea

In 2006, Tyler Perry launched Tyler Perry Studios. It has been a creative and economic boon to the Atlanta community. I would like to step into the artistic emergence that is already happening in Grand Rapids and bring a unique film company called Retro Future Films that combines old school wisdom + with new school sensibilities to make movies that explore the complicated puzzle that is the human condition. Essentially I want to do what Tyler Perry did over there, right here. All of us have the potential to be both good and bad, light and dark. I want to tell stories and introduce characters that are wrestling with this inner paradox to find meaning by facing the often frightening specter of living an integrated life. Though G.R. has many capable film companies, most are focused on commercial work and not original narrative stories. I believe my film company will be distinctive in it’s focus and unique in the expression.


Grand Rapids benefits 1st in 3 areas: Creatively (adds a new spoke to hub of art emergence), Economically (employs local artists, actors, etc + profiling awesomeness of our city), Relationally (because films will have at least a subtext of human difference, there can be a conversation about how to bring people together and see world through a different lens). And as a black G.R based Filmmaker, I become a glimpse of what is and what can be for the next generations of community creatives.

What I Will Do With $5,000

$1500.00 (For DSLR camera and accessories)

$1200.00 (Mac Book with editing and screenwriting software)

$500.00 (Setting up legal business entity and company logo)

$500. 00 (Website and digital presence)

$1000 (Startup production costs of 2018 short film, “The Anniversary”)

$300.00 (Toward attending 2018 SXSW)


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