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reVigor Apparel

reVigor Apparel

Eric Boynton 1106 Views

Modern society has a huge problem with over-consumption. The average American contributes 4.5 pounds of waste each day. I believe that it is important to contribute to the solution through developing environmentally-friendly products which can help to reverse this trend.
After extensive research, I have found an underserved market in which I can make a sizeable difference: the environmentally-conscious male professional. As a young professional myself, I can personally attest to the lack of options available when it comes to purchasing organic, Earth-friendly clothing items such as dress shirts, ties, socks, etc.
My goal is to create professional clothing products that are made of organic cotton and contain no heavy metal dyes. I am confident that many males would jump at the opportunity to purchase reasonably-priced, sustainable professional attire.


The men’s apparel industry is a multimillion dollar market. I will fill a niche within this market by providing environmentally responsible, domestically produced apparel. By collaborating with manufacturers and organic cotton suppliers, I will support clean, environmentally friendly industry practices within the United States.

What I Will Do With $5,000

If awarded the $5,000, the funds would be allocated in the following manner:
• $1,500: Verifying material sources and manufacturing conditions,
      negotiating purchasing and drop-shipping terms.
• $1,500: Design and fashion consultation.
• $2,000: Marketing and business model validation.

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About Eric Boynton

Love the outdoors and looking for innovative ways to help others and the enviroment.

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