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ReVigor Marketplace

ReVigor Marketplace

Eric Boynton 211 Views

After spending 2 years working in sustainability, I found that sustainably conscious consumers are not always sure what products are actually sustainable, especially if making an online purchase. Through many experiments and interviews I found that transparency in both manufacturing and the supply chain is what will build that trust.

There are many e-commerce sites out there, but none focusing solely on Sustainability and Transparency. 

My biggest road blocks are getting enough product offerings to bring value to my customers, as well as customers to make seller’s money. The plan is to start collecting users immediately and learning as much about my target market (25 to 34-year-old women), then take that information to sellers to get them to put their products for sale. 

This will be done by creating awareness to the cause and mission that my target market cares about and how my solution will help them achieve their goals.


Sellers of sustainable product have an issue with getting them in front of the customers who are primed to purchase sustainable products. ReVigor Marketplace will give them the ability to do that.
Buyers will have an easy way to identify sustainable products and connect with sellers on an emotional level to see how their purchase is helping the environment and people.

What I Will Do With $5,000

I have the following items that I need to invest in:
1. Build website front end:  $6000

2. Video advertising marketing campaign: $1500

3. Run Instagram campaign: $500.

I will use the $5000 from 5x5 night and $3000 of my own money to execute these steps.

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Love the outdoors and looking for innovative ways to help others and the enviroment.

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