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About Idea

As businesses evolve in engaging customers and audiences online, RIZZARR aims to help them with their content marketing needs. RIZZARR is a curated content marketplace that allows businesses to create digital media alongside everyday Millennial and Gen Z content creators. RIZZARR acts as an intermediator, enabling businesses to use its content-as-a-service platform to find and work with its network of over 5,000 talented content creators in producing purpose-driven articles, social posts, videos, podcasts, and photos. To enhance its content creation processes, RIZZARR is creating a patent-pending curation machine learning technology.


Millions of young people are engaging in content creation but they are not getting paid to do so. Many of them are looking for opportunities to get paid to do what they love and to make meaningful content.  We aim to provide job opportunities to young people across the world through our platform so that they can get paid to do what they love.

What I Will Do With $5,000

We will hire a salesperson or two to help with our sales and customer management as we continue to grow. We will also use some of it for our server and other company software to help with our day-to-day operations. This will help with the beginning stages of our infrastructure and our growth.

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About Alyssa Williams

Ashley M. Williams is the leading Millennial and Gen Z content marketing strategist, spokesperson, consultant, and global speaker for brands that want to reach younger generations — helping brands to create the right content, craft the right messages, and produce experiences that bring them, Millennials, and Gen Z together. She is excited and determined to use her love of journalism, social media, and live experiences to inform and inspire.

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