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RRP Marketing

RRP Marketing

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We’re in the innovation age. With the advent of the internet, people envision futures that they never imagined. Entrepreneurs are springing up left and right in industries that were less tangible - or may have never existed. However, passion and access to the tools aren’t enough. A level of knowledge and particular skill sets are imperative for success; knowledge and skill sets that aren’t always accessible to marginalized communities. RRP Marketing is a full-service marketing agency that brings over 15 years of marketing experience with substantial brands to these organizations . Not only do we provide traditional agency offerings (strategy development, design, writing, consulting, etc.)  at a cost that’s substantially below market value, we also provide educational resources that those who aren’t ready to engage an agency.


3 primary audiences will benefit:

1) Small and mid-sized businesses owned and operated by people from marginalized communities, especially people of color who don’t typically have access to proper business training.
2) Non-profit organizations serving marginalized communities (low-income, high-risk, homeless, employment training, etc.)
3) Socially-inquisitive corporations who look to properly communicate to marginalized communities

What I Will Do With $5,000

1) Advertising
2) Education content production
3) Marketing and communications production

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