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RRP Marketing - Helping Businesses Level Up

RRP Marketing - Helping Businesses Level Up

Regina Patterson 150 Views

I quit my job! You read that right. Now I get to work with small and mid-sized businesses, non-profits, and solopreneurers every day, helping them level up their businesses through practical (yet, smart) marketing guidance and execution.

While there are people claiming to be marketing experts out there, it’s not every day that non-profits and solopreneurs get to work with top-notch agencies with years of real-world expertise. This is especially true for people of color.

Having a diverse background, I not only relate to the market, I am the market. This results in a unique insight to reach both my clients and their audiences in an authentic manner. This, combined with my passion for marketing and over 20 years of combined education and marketing experience with companies such as Meijer and Steelcase, I bring an adept set of skills as well as depth and breadth of knowledge that helps my clients succeed…or in everyday terms…level up.


We’re in the information age, and people are using this information to start and operate businesses daily. However, missteps are causing them to fall short. It is my goal - the primary reason that my organization exists - to help these people find true success.

What I Will Do With $5,000

If I were to win this grant, this would go toward both marketing and educational materials. This includes videos, print, and even potentially course/workshop development and implementation.

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About Regina Patterson

Speaker. Writer. Activist. Marketing is my superpower. I fight for the underdog, have a passion for marketing, and am really good at what I do...because I'm a nerd. A cool nerd; yet, still a nerd. And I bring all of this passion, zeal, and rockstar energy to RRP Marketing, a full-service marketing agency intent on helping small and mid-sized businesses and non-profits create sustainable businesses through smart marketing decisions.

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