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Rustic Enchantment Photography

Rustic Enchantment Photography

Gaberielle Butterfield 244 Views

I get so excited to show my clients their vision come to life. Others in my industry just give out the digital and call it a day, However I want to give my clients a tangible product that they can cherish forever.

There have been many bumps in the road building my studio to become a full service boutique experience. From the actual building (still going on) of my studio to retraining today’s society that digital photos are good but they are just that. I am sure there will be more as times a technology change.

I do believe that I can prove to all of my future clients that physical products and prints that are done by professional printers not only last longer but it becomes something that you and the rest of your family will truly cherish forever unlike a digital file you cannot see every day.


My clients now and future become like family. This money means that I will be able to give my clients exactly what they truly deserve. I will be able to deliver products and prints to my clients that will immediately take them back to that exact moment in time. I will be able to hire videographers and hair/makeup artist to complete my team for a truly boutique experience.
My clients will be able to get all of the warm fuzzy feelings from that day and truly feel my passion come through my work.

What I Will Do With $5,000

This $5,000 Means that I can finish my studio space faster. I can offer backdrop, prop and clothing options that I am not yet able to offer. $5,000 affords me to purchase beautiful thank yous for my clients such as photo lockets or a personalized cake smash shirts, or the ability to add to my Senior thank you basket that I like to give to my Senior Reps. This $5,000 is going to allow my to transform my passion into a brand that is an all inclusive, family oriented, calm, loving space for all.

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About Gaberielle Butterfield

My name is Gaberielle Butterfield, I am a dark chocolate loving, cozy blanket cuddling, sleeping in late on a Sunday, 30 year old kind of girl. I am also the mother to three amazing children and a wife to my equally ambitious husband. I am a creative at heart who loves working with her hands. I love spending time with my family outdoors on our boat or in the woods. My friends say that I am the most outspoken and loyal friend that will tell you the truth in a way that doesn't break you down.

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