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Virtual reality technology allows you to be immersed in a entirely different universe. Scenario will host a plethora of simulations all having an underline story, placing the audience in situations they would never have encountered before.. Using the lasted wireless VR/AR sets, Scenario will design a facility specifically for its operation, allowing players to be immersed while walking harmlessly through a vast space which uses its environment (barriers, inclines, planks, etc.) to enhance the experience.
Alongside the VR/AR entertainment, Scenario will also host the following: Cafe, mall, Indoor/outdoor sports area, pool, augmented reality battle arena, innovative Gokart track, and a makerspace. All encompassed by a beneficial point system, and an optional subscription membership program which offers perks.
Several road blocks exist in the short term, such as the lack of content available on today’s VR market and finance acquisition, but both problems can be solved.


Scenario gives the average person access to technology that would otherwise be out of reach.. Virtual reality is not only for video games, it allows people to experience places and times beyond where they could possibly go. Simulations can be designed to teach strategy, science, perspective, and so much more.  There is something for everyone at Scenario, which will give it the well deserved motto “The place to be.”

What I Will Do With $5,000

With the acquired funds I will be able to prove my concept. I would start developing a deeper visualization of Scenario. Also I will acquire a portable virtual reality set, which I will use to gauge which scenarios will be the most popular, nominal price point to ask for, and other questions that are important to the business model. I will use the portable VR sets to gain as much revenue as possible as further proof of concept.. Offering door to door, and party hosting experiences.

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