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Virtual reality is a recently developed technology which has a wide variety of applications. Scenario will build a facility designed to accommodate a vast array of numerous virtual simulations. Guest will wear Head Mounted Displays as they progress through a storyline, while various objects, inclines, fans, doors, planks, speakers, illusions, and much more will be programmed into the given scenarios to further enhance the experience.. Alternative popular location based VR entertainment such as The Void VR and Escape VR along with others are similar but differ in the size of the environments they offer and scale of immersion experienced. Scenario is designed to be a near inner city family entertainment center, and besides offering stunning VR experiences it will also host an AR arena, sports area, mall, cafe, and makerspace. All encompassed by a fruitful membership subscription program with a rewarding point system.. The main road blocks are acquiring capital and sufficient partnerships


Scenario gives the average person access to technology which would otherwise cost hundreds of dollars to acquire, and since Scenarios environments will be constructed to enhance the VR immersion the experience will be unparalleled. Scenario offers a new world of story telling, groups will play through action and role playing games, while also facing intellectually challenging and perspective altering simulations. With successful growth Scenario will generate wealth and hundreds of new jobs.

What I Will Do With $5,000

Building this enterprise will be a long and costly endeavor. My current business model approaches the task in three phases. Acquiring this grant will enable me to incorporate Scenario as a DBA of an LLC. I will also be able to further prove my concept by purchasing several portable virtual reality headsets and offering multiplayer VR experiences at venues, parties, baby showers, local businesses, schools, etcs. While developing enhanced visualization of the finally structure of Scenario.

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