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Seaway Tours

Seaway Tours

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One of the most exciting things about our idea is the fact that we are able to bridge the gap in micro mobility between larger markets and smaller communities.  Seaway Tours bring this new tech to Muskegon with full support of the City and business community. We also had the pleasure of informing the community about the new wonderful possibilities now available with micro mobility; all in the name of good stewardship.  Seaway Tours fills a specific void that smaller community citizens face simply because they are not in a target market of the larger scooter companies,  while still adhering to local city and government policies.


This Idea will effect Patrons of the downtown Muskegon area, including tourist, community members and business members. Our largest barriers are the lack of public exposure. We plan to use this funding hire a local design & market firm to help us attract more customers. We have the support of city and local government in place. We truly believe that technology is able to break so many diversity barriers, so by introducing micro mobility to Muskegon we are helping the world Watch Muskegon Go.

What I Will Do With $5,000

1. This funding would go directly toward the payment for lease of retail space $2,800
2. hiring a firm to develop a website and handle marketing $2,200

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About Corey Blackman

I am a Muskegon born entrepreneur in the field of media. I utilize micro mobility to orchestrate deliver premium content in film projects. As an avid rider and enthusiast of mobility devices I and my family often approach by the public with such interest in the various vehicles we ride. After Realizing the joys and great freedoms this lifestyle brings I decided to start Seaway Tours.

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