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Sharing Camping experiences through RV rentals highlighting our beautiful West Michigan

Sharing Camping experiences through RV rentals highlighting our beautiful West Michigan

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Woman owned and operated out of Muskegon, Michigan, Campshare is connecting our love of camping to others without the necessary equipment. We love our part of the world and we want to share it. Our state parks, rivers, beaches and so much more is special and we know others would think so too!

We offer everything you need to camp; pots and pans, camp chairs, cooking utensils and more. We even have non-essentials like games, hobo pie makers and a complimentary jiffy pop. This allows our guests to camp without an investment.

To make it even easier, we offer delivery and set up. We bring the camper to them, set everything up and provide a tutorial on safe and proper use of each unit. This expands our audience even further since not everyone has a tow vehicle.

Our priority is to provide guests with the best possible camping experience. Customer service is at our core which allows us to provide a comfortable and fun experience. Our message is simple; choose the outdoors and make memories.


Our society is in the middle of the biggest mass migration ever; indoors. We’ve deepened our dependence on technology and all things modern loosing sight of anything that doesn’t serve a purpose in the hustle.
Nature has healing powers and for some, camping in a camper is an appropriate way to connect to the honesty the outdoors has to offer. We’ve provided this experience to city dwellers, outdoor enthusiasts and so many diverse groups. With us, they leave with memories and smiles.

What I Will Do With $5,000

It’s no surprise that the largest expense in offering such a service is the campers themselves. I’ve taken personal loans on the two campers I rent out and still have an outstanding balance of about $15,000. We’re building equity from the ground up and are hustling our way as best we can. While we intend to purchase more campers, being able to chip away at the debt that comes with providing these experiences is important as we plan for growth.

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