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Simply Trade

Simply Trade

Andy Blanchard 300 Views

SimplyTrade is the first peer-to-peer marketplace for Crypto traders to aggregate and anonymously sell their own trade data.

By simplifying the process of tracking and monitoring trade performance, SimplyTrade has the data and ability to create a peer-to-peer verified “signal” marketplace. Traders can now monetize their own trade data as crypto signals, and help others place trades based on actual performance instead of emotion.



With cryptocurrencies gaining major traction within the mainstream markets, it is our mission to make cryptocurrency traders, at all levels, more successful when trading.  Currently, there is a lack of transparency, verification, and trust of trade information for new investors to feel confident entering the space. Our hope is to shed light on what successful traders are doing and build confidence in anyone looking to start trading.

What I Will Do With $5,000

The grant money will go directly to contract development resources (front-end and mobile) to finalize our MVP.

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Father, Husband and Entrepreneur, in that order. I love spending time with my family, solving problems and creating solutions for everyday people.

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