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Today’s parents are constantly pulled in different directions.  Jobs and careers, household chores, personal needs and sanity checks…and sometimes, we JUST NEED HELP.  For an appointment, a meeting, a date night, an evening out, or just a hot cup of coffee to ourselves, the need for occasional childcare is obvious.
Unfortunately, while the world of technology has sped up, our options haven’t.  Most parents are getting by with help from family, friends, and referrals - or not getting by at all.  We’re calling in sick when their daycare center or school closes. We’re putting off appointments, putting careers at risk, dreams on hold, or not taking care of our own needs because there is no one there to help with our kids.
SitterSignal will change that.  We connect families in need of those few-hour windows with qualified, CERTIFIED, safe (re: background checks!) adults to care for your kids in your absence.
We support families.  We support childcare providers.  WE HELP when you need us.


The parents: gain the flexibility to do what they need to - appointments, work, interview for a new job, take a moment to themselves.
The 140K kids in Metro GR: get a safe, certified adult to care for them while their parents are away.
The sitters: supplement their income when THEY want and need to, controlling their time, clients, and their rate.
Happier, healthier, supported families.  Greater income opportunity.  Safe kids.  Win - win - win!

What I Will Do With $5,000

When it comes to our kids, communication is EVERYTHING.  We’ll use the grant to invest in our online infrastructure and app development that will allow families and sitters to chat during their visit in a safe and secure way.

We’ll also invest in robust background checks for our first wave of sitters, allowing the to become registered with SitterSignal at NO COST, creating greater opportunity for making extra cash quickly.

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About Alicia Shumaker

I am a business owner, wife, and mom of 3 young girls. I'm an advocate for small business - my focus in business and in life has always been "How can I help?" Whether it's a business transaction, a connection, a hand to hold, or a shoulder to cry on, I believe this life is short and meant to be shared. Small actions make big ripples, and if I can help and support my community as it has supported me, I believe it's my duty and privilege to do so.

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